Our History

A new kind of service

The stock market changes under the Thatcher Government of the 1980s encouraged many new investors to try their hand on the stock market, and inspired Paul Killik and Matthew Orr to found Killik & Co in 1989.

They realised the choice at the time was between Portfolio Managers interested only in high net worth individuals, and Execution Only stockbrokers who didn’t offer the help, advice and service these investors – often new to the stock market – required.

Our co-founders believed that there was a place for a personal, open service which offered both advice and execution. And if the service was going to be accessible, why not make it truly physically accessible, with branches on the High Street?

Now there are nine Killik & Co branches in Greater London, along with one regional branch in Ipswich and an international branch in Dubai. All are open to both clients and the general public to walk in and speak to a Broker.

A developing service

Killik & Co were not only pioneers in the UK of this “retail” approach to stockbroking, we were also one of the pioneers of PEPs – recognising them as the perfect investment wrappers for many of our clients. We were also among the first companies to deal with SIPPs, and are still one of the largest SIPP providers.

True to our original ethos of personal service, we still focus on areas where we can act solely as the agent for our client. This means we avoid corporate finance or market making, which could compromise our dedicated client -focused service.