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Don’t let the industry dictate how you manage your money

We work with you on your terms to accommodate the relationship that suits your needs best, not ours. Whether you are looking for:

How can we help you along your journey?

Investment Advice

Founded in 1989 as an Advisory Stockbroker, our heritage and expertise stems from our knowledge of the stock market and our ability to provide our clients with personal and impartial investment advice.

Financial Planning Advice

At Killik & Co we work with you on your terms, whether that is an on-going relationship or a one-off piece of advice, to create a personal savings and investment plan tailored to achieving your financial ambitions

What can our Advisors help you with?

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Download our complimentary guides to help you get started on the road to successful tax planning, managing the financial challenges that come with raising a family, building a retirement fund, planning your income requirements in retirement and equity investing.