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Killik & Co Trust Services can assist with, and advise on, all matters associated with both the creation and the ongoing management of trusts.


Killik & Co’s specialist team have decades of experience in dealing with trusts and their associated complexities.
Our specialist and highly experienced team are able to offer assistance and advice throughout both the set up, as well as the ongoing administration of the trusts.
Killik & Co acts via its wholly owned subsidiary, Killik & Co Trustees Limited, a trust corporation.


Our Trust Services are suitable for anyone with either an existing trust, or who is looking to set up a new trust arrangement, and would benefit from the advice of our experienced and professional trusts team.

What is a Trust?

In simple terms, a trust is the transfer of assets to a group of people or to a specialist company with instructions that they should hold these assets for the benefit of others. Although the trustees are the legal owners, the beneficiaries are the equitable owners. Splitting the legal ownership from the beneficial ownership is what makes the concept unique.
Trusts have existed under UK law for centuries and address two main issues: taxation and family issues. A trust can be created during an individual’s lifetime, or by his or her will. In addition, statutory trusts are created for minor beneficiaries of a will (or intestacy) until they reach the age of 18.
Trusts can be useful for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Leaving legacies in your will to a class of beneficiaries (e.g. children and/or grandchildren) either to preserve wealth for future generations or where some or all of the beneficiaries are minors
  • Where you would prefer beneficiaries did not automatically become entitled to capital at the age of 18
  • So that assets can be looked after on behalf of vulnerable beneficiaries (e.g. someone with either physical or mental disabilities)
  • For charitable purposes
  • To gift assets for inheritance tax planning purposes (without the beneficiary/ies having immediate access to the capital)

Benefits of the Service

Creating the right kind of trust to suit your needs can be complex and littered with potential adverse tax consequences. Killik & Co have many years’ experience in dealing with trusts and all of these associated complexities, including Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax considerations. We are also able to help you to decide on the best type of trust to suit your requirements as well as the tax treatment of that type of trust. Killik & Co can assist with the creation of a trust, either by deed or by will and can advise on all matters associated with the trust. If appointed as trustee, we are also able to deal with the associated administration, including tax matters, free from any potential conflicts of interest.
Additional benefits include:
  • No set-up costs
  • No application or registration costs
  • No minimum fee (minimum fund size £10,000)

What you need to know

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