Welcome to Killik & Co

Hello and welcome to Killik & Co.

You are here because your Child Trust Fund account with The Share Centre is being transferred to Killik & Co.

You will have recently received a letter from The Share Centre outlining the process and timelines of your transfer from The Share Centre to Killik & Co. You will have also received two leaflets from us, confirming all of the information you need know about the services that are available to you, the timelines and what you can expect once you become a client.

Your Options

There are two leaflets outlining the relevant option based upon the value of your Child Trust Fund account. You can read all of the relevant information by following the below links:

Accounts with less than £25,000 invested – Introducing SILO

Accounts in excess of £25,000 invested – Additional Services

What are SILO's fees?

Your investments with The Share Centre are currently being charged at 0.75% management fee plus the variable costs of your underlying fund holdings.

For all transfers in from The Share Centre, we are offering SILO at a reduced fee to match your current charges of 0.75% (inc. VAT) management fee, plus costs on the underlying funds. The underlying fund charges within SILO also vary, however SILO aims to keep the underlying fund Ongoing Charges Ratio (based on the KIID document) below 0.40%.

The top five funds held in CTFs at The Share Centre currently, have an average OCR of 0.84%. This suggests a significant cost saving for the majority of clients transferring to SILO.

For a CTF with a value of £12,000 the annual fee comparison looks like this:

SILO Terms and Conditions

There are a few notable differences in the Terms between The Share Centre and Silo. The ones we think will be most important to you are summarised in the Introducing SILO leaflet (see above or in letter from The Share Centre).

The full comparison table can be viewed here.

Further Reading

We hope that all of the above is clear and we look forward to welcoming you as a client soon. If for whatever reason you would like to discuss the options available to you in more detail, we would of course be happy to help.

For any further questions regarding SILO, please contact [email protected]

For any questions on transferring into an AIS or Stockbroking service, please email [email protected]