Sweat & Sound

2nd October 2018

Events happening in October

On Tuesday 2nd October, our Music Room will for the first time open it’s doors to Sweat & Sound as we host one of their secret, immersive fitness events. Pairing live music with an adrenaline-boosting workout, they are hosted in secret locations and hideaways in London and New York. From living rooms to art galleries, and now, even our Mayfair branch.

To discover and be a part of our other upcoming events, you can visit our events page. We host educational seminars, panel talks with industry experts & thought leaders to secret intimate gigs. Alternatively, you can sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know, straight to your inbox.

Who are Killik & Co?

We are an independently owned investment house that has been advising clients on how to save, plan and invest for almost 30 years. To learn more about our story and how it all started in a small chemist shop in Chelsea, watch our video.