Sofa Sounds

A secret gig in our Mayfair Music Room

Over the years the Music Room of our Mayfair branch has played host to some incredible events and musical performances. Long before we made number 46 Grosvenor Street our home, leading composers including Richard Strauss and Claude Debussy once filled the room, playing at private parties that Jay Gatsby would have no doubt been glad to call his own.

An intimate concert

On Thursday 30th November, the Music Room once again came alive when we invited Sofar Sounds to host one of their fabled secret gigs. These intimate concerts see established and upcoming talent alike perform in exciting and unexpected locations all over the world. From living rooms to art galleries, and now, even our Mayfair branch.

Founded by Rafe Offer and Rocky Start in London in 2009, the idea for Sofar Sounds was born from a growing discontent with a number of performances they’d attended. Instead of these large-scale gigs, dodging plastic pint glasses underfoot and watching half of the show through an iPhone in front of you, they wanted to create something that celebrated the music, and respected the artists. What began as a few musician friends performing in their living room, has grown to over 400 cities worldwide and as many as 500 gigs every month.

When we opened our doors to Sofar, we were joined by a little over 100 guests, who flooded the space to sit cross-legged on the floor and enjoy a stripped back set from three of London’s brightest young talents. Over a glass of wine and even a few picnics, we were treated to spectacular performances from LOOP, Jamie Dillon and Paige Lihya. All three are London based singer-songwriters, and from what we experienced, are no doubt set to achieve brilliant things.

If you missed the show and would like to join Sofar Sounds for once of their upcoming gigs, new dates and locations are added weekly. More information can of course be found on their website.

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