Facilities by ADF

Serving UK’s TV and Film Industry

January 2022 IPO

Sector: Industrial Transportation

Amount raised:£15m at 50p/share

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Facilities by ADF is a provider of premium serviced production facilities to the UK film and TV industry. This is an industry that is seeing strong structural growth, with that industry now worth £3.6bn in 1H21. They lease out their facilities to productions throughout the UK and Europe. Their fleet of facilities includes premium mobile make-up, costume and artist trailers, production offices, mobile bathrooms, diners, school rooms, and technical vehicles.

Facilities by ADF work with the largest production companies including Netflix, Sky, BBC, and Disney, with an estimated 35% market share of their industry. The rise of streaming platforms over the last decade has led to a rise in demand for film and high-end television content.

The UK film and TV industry should particularly benefit due to a highly skilled workforce and the English language environment, which should feed through to greater demand for the services of Facilities by ADF.

This has recently been illustrated by Amazon buying exclusive filming space at Shepperton Studios, on an expected 10-year deal, marking Amazon’s largest commitment to production facilities globally. This is in addition to premises at Shepperton used by Netflix and Disney using studio space at Pinewood Studios.

Facilities by ADF went public in January 2022, its IPO valuing shares at £0.50. This placing raised £15m, with these funds being used to accelerate their organic growth through expanding their fleet and increasing their pricing power in a disjointed market.

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