Desmond & Dempsey’s BIG WELCOME

Hosted in collaboration with House of Killik Northcote Road

A 10 day pop-up in the heart of Covent Garden, hosted in collaboration with
House of Killik Northcote Road 

Desmond & Dempsey’s BIG WELCOME was a space to enjoy and embrace the senses of Sunday. From breakfast in bed and the luxury of the ‘lie-in’, to fitness feats and long Sunday afternoons with those you love, Sunday is a day to be savoured. A day to explore and embrace the life you want to live.

At Killik & Co our purpose is simple. To help you achieve just that – the life you want to live – both today and tomorrow.

We believe that wealth is about so much more than your bank balance or the postcode you call home. Wealth, or rather, what it means to be

wealthy, is far better explained by its original meaning: well-being.

Naturally money will forever play its part, but rather than the definition, we believe it should simply be seen as a facilitator. Something that when managed carefully and built over time, allows you to live the life you want to live.

Whether you’re training for a marathon or running around after the little ones, we wanted to explore and celebrate with Desmond & Dempsey what this day means to you. And help you enjoy whatever that may be, today, tomorrow, and in years to come.

Discover some of the highlights from Desmond Dempsey’s BIG WELCOME


Tuesday 5th June, 6:30pm

Speakers: Conrad Withey, co-founder & CEO of Instrumental and Adam Maestro, Head of Artist Booking at Sofar Sounds

The way we consume media couldn’t be more different from 10 years ago. From the dominance of streaming services and the immediate access to millions of potential fans it provides new artists, to the ongoing evolution of live shows into the imitate and the experiential; what does the future hold for the music industry?


Friday 8th June, 8:30am

Speakers: Suitcase magazine, Rapha

From pop-up bell tents in the middle of the African savanna, to cycling in the Pyrenees or hiking Everest basecamp, the face of luxury travel has changed. So what’s left to explore, and what is the future of luxury travel in today’s market?