Conde Nast Traveller's Tales with Ed Stafford

On crossing the Amazon and a life well lived

Talking to Ed Stafford

Wealth is a loaded word. At Killik & Co, we don’t believe that wealth is measured by the size of your bank balance, any more than it is by the postcode you call home. We believe that this idea of wealth, or rather what it means to be wealthy, is far better explained by its original meaning; well-being.

As a business that was founded to make the benefits of investing available to all, our role as a Savings and Investment House is really rather simple: to empower our clients to achieve a life well lived, by creating the financial freedom to allow them to do so.

We have set out to explore what this idea of “A Life Well Lived” means to people from all backgrounds, talents and perspectives. In doing so we hope to provide a source of inspiration, to challenge you, and to ask ourselves the question – “what is my life well lived?”

To kick off this exploration, who better to speak to than the renowned British adventurer and explorer, Ed Stafford, who joined us recently when we hosted the latest Traveller’s Tales event with Condé Nast.

“For me, a life well lived is doing the right thing, and then, everything else is easy”

Voted European Adventure of the Year 2011, Ed spent almost two and half years on his journey the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River. His book “Walking the Amazon” has been sold in over 100 countries and he is currently filming his fourth series for Discovery Channel.

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