Investing Predictions for 2017

Key themes for investors to be aware of

By: Nicolas Ziegelasch

As we approach the end of what has been an unpredictable year, we look ahead and share our key themes for investing in 2017.
Besides a huge increase in infrastructure spending proposed by the President-elect, Nic Ziegelasch considers how the competitive threat of Russia and China may stimulate greater US defence spending, as well as the ever more important global concern of cybersecurity – all of which translate to potential investment opportunities.
Meanwhile, Gordon Smith focuses on various funds that may prosper in 2017, considering the context of Trump’s forthcoming presidency, the heightened political risk in Europe, rising inflation and continued healthcare innovation within the UK and Europe.
Please note, our 2017 predictions video is forward looking and highlights some key themes for investment as we see them evolving over the coming year. However, they should not be relied upon, and will not be suitable for all investors. As is the very nature of investing, there are inherent risks and the value of your investments will both rise and fall over time. You must be comfortable in the knowledge that you may receive less than originally invested. To seek advice or discuss any of the topics raised in this video and how they might relate to your individual circumstances, please contact your Investment Manager.

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