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To find out more about accessing overseas investments with Killik & Co, please contact your nearest branch or our Head Office on or 020 7337 0777.

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The importance of Overseas investments

At Killik & Co, we know that overseas investments are essential when creating a well-diversified portfolio.

Having been voted ‘Wealth Manager of the Year’, ‘Best Discretionary/Advisory Wealth Manager’ and ‘Advisory Stockbroker Of The Year’ on more than one occasion, we make it our priority to take a global view of the markets when advising clients, or investing on their behalf.

We are able to access investments across all major asset classes and trade on over 30 markets worldwide. Where there is a need, we are also able to offer our services in a number of major foreign currencies.

Contact your closest branch to discuss advice, execution, and custody of international stocks and securities across your entire portfolio, including Investment ISAs, Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and general investment accounts.

We are able to access investments across all major asset classes and trade on over 30 markets worldwide.

Why Choose Killik & Co?

  • All of our services are built on a personal understanding of you and your circumstances, so your dedicated stockbroker or investment adviser will provide a single point of contact in a way that most suits you
  • Discrete research teams focus on Equities, Funds and Fixed Income to produce insight into a diverse range of internationally sourced investment ideas
  • As a client, whether in a discretionary or advisory service, you will have access to all of our expertise and global investment recommendations, fully researched by our impartial team of in-house specialists who are dedicated to investigating the broad, global themes of tomorrow
  • As an independently owned investment house we run no in-house funds, therefore have no hidden conflicts of interest that are so often present in our industry, ensuring that your portfolio is tailored entirely around your best interests.

Read more on the importance of investing overseas here with insight from Killik & Co’s Head of Research Patrick Gordon.

Please do not assume that past performance will repeat itself and you must be comfortable in the knowledge that you may receive less than you originally invested.

Our Overseas Investment Services

Managed Portfolio

Entrust the day-to-day management of your investments to your dedicated Stockbroker.

Advised Portfolio

Maintain full responsibility for each and every decision made on the portfolio, whilst still benefiting from our award-winning advice, dealing and custody services.

Specialist Investment

Available to both Advised and Managed clients, our Specialist Services offer direct access to specific markets and individual areas of expertise.

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