We’ve been working on some exciting updates to Silo and want to share a few of them with you. So whats new?

  • Brand new Funding Your Account section
  • Completely redesigned Portfolio page

Discover more below…


We’ve completely redesigned the Funding Your Account section of Silo to make it easier to unlock all of the ways to save with Silo.

There are now three easily accessible tabs, which allow you to view, amend and even personalise how you save with Silo.

SCHEDULED PAYMENTS – we’ve introduced more flexibility around your fixed payments. Not only can you view and amend details of your existing payments in-app, but if monthly isn’t right, you can now also add weekly payments to your fixed monthly direct debit if you want to save more

INTELLIGENT RULES – is where things get really interesting. By linking your bank account to Silo, you can unlock virtually unlimited ways to save.

  • Savings Rules allow you to save your way. You can create your own personalised ways to save based on your spending habits, whether this is by category – for example every time you spend money eating out or shopping, or by merchant, so saving a set amount when you spend money with Amazon or at your local pub
  • Intelligent Silos use an algorithm to predict your future account balance based on your current spending habits. Simply turn these on and Silo uses this information to calculate small daily amounts you wont miss, and saves on your behalf. You can also set limits, so you are still in control around how much is saved

BOOSTS – allows you top up instantly any time, anywhere.

Head to the ‘Funding Your Account’ section today and get creative with ways to save.


We had a lot of feedback that you’d like to be able to see more clearly where your savings with Silo are invested, and some of you wanted the ability to be able to drill down further and have a peak at the underlying investments.

  • We have completely redesigned the layout of the portfolio section, meaning you can now see your investments allocation across different asset classes at a glance, as well as being able to easily toggle between the values at the touch of a button
  • You can now ‘see more’ and easily drill down to see details of the underlying funds you are invested in on one page. You can see the asset classes they fall in to, the funds name, the amount invested in each and even the number of units you hold

We’re really please with these changes and hope you are too. You can explore for yourself under the ‘Portfolio’ tab in-app.

Stay tuned for more news about what we’re working on and what you can expect to see over the coming months…