The power of a pound


Investing is a way to nurture your savings, to give them the best opportunity to go further. It is how something small, like one pound, can grow to become something significant.

This remarkable potential is just waiting there, locked inside every pound you are able to save and is something that we believe everyone can, and should, harness.



Consider it a potential exponential multiplying force for every pound you save. Whilst there can never be any guarantees, think of it as the ability to earn interest on your interest, or when it comes to investing – returns on your returns.

The simple fact is that the longer you are able to invest for, the longer your savings will have the chance to grow. It is for that reason that investing £1 a day is far more effective than saving £365 over the course of the year and then investing it all in one go, because the pound you set aside on day one would have missed out on a year’s worth of interest. This may not matter much on just one pound, but that lost interest across your savings over many years, matters a lot.

Investing is simply about taking whatever it is that you have, and giving it the best chance to become something more; to build and grow your savings over a lifetime.

How does Silo Invest?

The money you save within Silo is invested into a portfolio of funds, managed by the in-house experts at Killik & Co.

Depending on a number of things, such as your personal circumstances and your attitude to investing, we’ll select the plan that best suits you and your goals.

The underlying investments within each plan are managed and selected by the award-winning Fund research team at Killik & Co. To ensure we can offer the best possible investments, whilst still keeping overall costs low, each plan is invested in to a mixture of both Active and Passive funds. Actively managed funds are those where a fund manager or research team, makes ‘active’ decisions about how and when to invest the fund’s money, for example choosing to invest into Amazon or into Apple. A passively managed fund on the other hand, would usually follow or ‘track’ an entire market index, such as the FTSE 100 or the S&P 500. Because Passive or ‘tracker’ funds don’t have a large management team making day-to-day investment decisions, the costs are typically a lot lower than Actively managed funds.

Led by our in-house experts, you can be assured of a well-diversified portfolio that selects from the best funds in the market place, and incorporates some of the world’s leading asset managers.