Terms & Conditions


  1. If you refer a friend on or after 1 September 2019 and they open an account with Silo we will waive yours and your friend’s fees for the first 3 months. This offer includes the Killik & Co fees, but not any fund manager fees.
  2. For each friend referred you will have an extra 3 months of the Killik & Co fees waived. We limit the number of times this offer can be used to a maximum of 8 friends that can be referred (24 months of Killik & Co fees waived).
  3. We may change, extend or bring to an end this offer at any time without providing you notice.


To claim this offer the referrer must:

  • Hold an existing active Silo account with a linked bank account
  • Refer a friend by following the instructions provided who then fully completes the Silo account opening process and sets up a Monthly Recurring Payment; and
  • not refer yourself or an existing Silo client.


To claim this offer, your referred friend needs to follow the steps below:

  1. Once the referred receives a link and clicks on it, they will be taken to a webpage where they need to enter their email address;
  2. They will then be directed to the App Store / Google Play to download Silo; and
  3. The referred must complete the onboarding process into Silo including identity verification.


When the referred has opened the account and set up the Monthly Recurring Payment our team will waive 3 months of the Killik & Co fees for both the referred and referrer. We will contact you via email when we have set up your free fees and you can review your year to date fees by navigating to the Portfolio section of the App and clicking on the fee’s “See details” button.


The referrer will only receive free fees if their referred friend becomes a Silo client by successfully opening an account, completing their identity verification, anti-impersonation checks, and setting up a Monthly Recurring Payment on Silo. If someone else refers the same friend as you we will apply the fee discount to the friend that referred the client first.

If the referred friend closes their account within 3 months of being referred to Silo, we reserve the right to claim back the fees from both the referrer and the referred.