Making investing beautifully simple

Silo is an app that makes saving and investing beautifully simple.

Save monthly, instantly, or let Silo intelligently calculate how much you can comfortably afford to set aside each day.

However you prefer to save, Silo then sets to work by expertly investing on your behalf. Please remember that as is the very nature of investing, there are inherent risks.

Silo is currently in Beta, however you can join us as an early tester by downloading the app today.


Connect to your bank account to save and invest in a way that suits you.

Choose an amount you can comfortably commit to saving into Silo each month.

Allow Silo to intelligently calculate any additional amounts you can afford to save.

Watch your savings take shape over time as your money is invested by experts.

Spent less than expected this week? Save and invest the difference.

Rather not have to think about it? Let Silo intelligently calculate what you can comfortably afford to save and invest.

Save and invest your way and let the award-winning experts at Killik & Co manage the investments on your behalf. By blending the very best of technology with human expertise, Silo gives you instant access to an expertly managed portfolio of globally invested funds and over 30 years of award-winning investment heritage.

You don't need a lump sum to get the ball rolling with Silo, save and invest monthly, instantly, or let Silo do all the work.

Access to an award-winning investment team and 30 years investment heritage, without the gimmicks.

Silo uses the same encryption as your online banking and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.