Introducing SILO

by Killik & Co

Effortlessly Save.

Expertly Invest.

Start saving and investing
in under 15 minutes

Open a stocks & shares ISA, General Investment
Account or Junior ISA today.

Technology that helps you save. Investments managed by professionals.

Save your way

Save monthly, weekly, instantly.

Create personalised savings rules.

Let SILO intelligently calculate how much you can comfortably afford to set aside each day.

No monthly minimum so you can save and invest comfortably.


Investment Expertise

Digital experience, human expertise.

Investments managed by the award-winning team at Killik & Co.

Access a range of discretionary portfolios to suit your goals.

Secure and Accessible

Secure and Accessible

Secured by bank level 256-bit TLS encryption.

Access to withdraw your money anytime in-app, without fees.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Please remember that we are an investment company and as is the very nature of investing, there are inherent risks. The value of your investments can both rise and fall over time and you cannot assume that past performance will repeat itself. You must be comfortable in the knowledge that you may receive less than you originally invested. The tax treatment of your investments with Silo will depend entirely on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change, so please do seek advice.


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