What Moves Exchange Rates?

What Moves Exchange Rates? By: Tim Bennett 22.6.2017The Election result and Brexit are being blamed for the weak Pound. So in this short video I look at the other big forces that determine a currency’s value. direction of travel for the pound recently is pretty clear from the chart below. What this reveals is that …

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How To Deal With Foreign Currency Risk (Part One)

How To Deal With Foreign Currency Risk (Part One) By: Tim Bennett 24.03.2016This week I look at two ways investors can protect themselves from currency volatility as Central Banks continue to intervene in global markets

Why Contrarian Investors are Rare

Why Contrarian Investors are Rare By: Tim Bennett14.05.2014 Contrarians make money by buying shares when others are selling and vice versa. This week I look at why such a simple strategy is tricky to get right.

What are Carry Trades?

What are Carry Trades? By: Tim Bennett14.05.2014 Carry traders make money from the fact that currencies offer different rates of interest. In this short video, Tim explains how carry trades work and also how they can go wrong.