30 years in the making.

30 years ago, in an old pharmacy in West London, we began our journey with one mission: to make the benefits of investing accessible to all. Built on the principles of accessibility, trust and integrity, we took investment services out of the City and onto the high street.

Over the last 30 years we have stayed true to that vision. By opening up more branches across London; offering services with no minimum investment amounts; providing clear, impartial advice; and committing to providing education, we have helped thousands of individuals and their families save for their future by unlocking the benefits of investing.

We continue to believe in those timeless values and the importance of both people and the provision of advice for anyone looking to plan their financial life. Our commitment as a business is to ensure that this is always accessible to everyone: real people, having face to face conversations and creating bespoke plans.

We are now blending this award-winning service, with next generation technology. We call it Bionic Finance; the best of human expertise, with the ease and efficiency of technology, that is ready to adapt and evolve as life gets more complex.

The first of which is Silo; the first intelligent save-and-invest app.

We all need to save for our futures. Saving, no matter what your level of income, shouldn’t be onerous. Silo effortlessly saves and invests while you live your life. By studying your spending, it intelligently calculates how much you can comfortably afford to put aside each day and then puts that money to work by investing it on your behalf.

With a name inspired by the ancient Greek for setting grain aside for the future, whether you are saving for the first time or an experienced investor, Silo can help you make the most of your savings. Then when life gets more complex our expert Advisers at Killik & Co can be ready to help.

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