Redefining Wealth

What is your life well lived?

Wealth is a loaded word. At Killik & Co, we don’t believe that wealth is measured by the size of your bank balance any more than it is by the postcode you call home. We believe that wealth, or rather, what it means to be wealthy, is far better explained by its original meaning; well-being*.
*Wealth mid-13c., from Middle English; ‘wele’ meaning “pattern of health” or “well-being

Each of us hold different views of what it means to be wealthy; about what is necessary and desirable. Naturally, money will forever play its part, but we believe that rather than the definition, it should simply be seen as a facilitator. Something that when managed carefully and built over time, allows you to live the life you want to lead. Your Life Well Lived.

As a business that was founded to make the benefits of investing expertise available to all, we appreciate that very few people want to spend their time thinking about savings, ISAs, asset allocation, or Inheritance Tax – we would all much rather get on with the business of living.

Understanding this, and knowing that the life you are able to live tomorrow is determined by the financial choices you make today, makes our purpose clear: to use our expertise to help with life’s big questions, to help you achieve your life well lived.
How do I make the most of what I have? Will I have sufficient funds to live the life I want? How do I protect and pass on my wealth to my family? 

Wherever you are on your journey or whatever the question keeping you up at night, we always begin by asking what it is that you want to achieve and what wealth means to you. For every client the answer will be different and in our experience, evolves over time. We call upon our expertise to craft you a personalised plan that will evolve as your life does, to help make your ambitions a reality.

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