Psycles Staying Desk Fit

House of Killik Soho | Wednesday 24th January

House of Killik Soho is a seven-day series of inspiring conversations and workshops. From discussions about modern business and the challenges of ever-evolving marketplaces with founders and business leaders, to urban gardening workshops and wellness sessions. A week-long event to inspire you to identify the life you want to lead.

Simple changes for a healthier lifestyle

With data suggesting that sitting could be as dangerous to our health as smoking, and with more and more of us tied to a desk for our 9-5’s, on Wednesday we were joined by Maria and Gemma from Psycle London, to talk all things fitness and gather some tips for a few healthy habits to fit into our everyday lives.

“Firstly, it’s not about jarring against your existing lifestyle, you have to find something that fits with you. Fox example, I’m a morning person so I always do my workouts first thing.” says Maria, a holistic coach at Psycle.

“It’s also really important to make time for yourself, book an hour out in your calendar at work”

“It’s also really important to make time for yourself, book an hour out in your calendar at work” says Gemma. “and when you’re in the office, just make sure you move as much as possible, any movement is positive.”

“Little things like getting up for a glass of water every hour can make all the difference” says Maria “But obviously diet plays a huge part as well. I always recommend my clients eat breakfast between 7-8am because that’s when the body needs it the most, and I always try to include some healthy fats such as a teaspoon of coconut oil or nut butter”

Gemma swears by a shot of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water first thing in the morning “it’s not the nicest tasting thing, but it really helps to get your digestive track moving” she says.

“Cinnamon is another great ingredient” adds Maria “I always have it in my coffee in the mornings or on porridge.”

When it comes to exercise the main thing is to actually get out and do it they say. We all live increasingly busy and stressful lives, and if ones things for certain, it’s never been more important to get out and get active.

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