Svenja Keller
Partner, Wealth Planning

All parents want the best for their children; good education, enriching life experiences and success. But what is the ‘best’? Clearly, the definition will vary enormously depending on each family’s objectives and circumstances, as well as the aptitudes and aspirations of their children.

Whilst an increasingly large number of parents view state school, accompanied perhaps by tutoring, as a good approach to their children’s education – a significant minority still view private education as the best way to provide their children with a good start in life.


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However, growing school fees can make the latter feel increasingly unaffordable as costs have outpaced the rise in professional wages. For many professions where, a few years back, private education would have been an attainable aspiration, today, educating even one child privately can be impossible. It is therefore important to identify what is feasible with available finances and how to get the most value from them.

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