How to Plan for A Comfortable Retirement

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No matter what our background or personal circumstances, the desire to be comfortable, secure, and enjoy life after work, is an ambition that unites us all. Never before have we, as individuals, been required to take such an active role in planning and building our own Lifetime Savings.

The questions we are faced with, no matter what stage in life we are in, are often a variation on the theme of planning for a comfortable retirement; from “How do I start building my lifetime savings in the most effective way?” to “When can I afford to retire comfortably?” and “How do I withdraw my Pension?”.

There are two things we always advise:

1. Plan Your Retirement Now

Whatever your ambitions you must ensure that you are, first and foremost, working with a dedicated adviser that is fully aware of both your ambitions and circumstances. At Killik & Co we advise clients to work on a simple but effective model for managing money that usually comprises of three element

1. Cash Savings for short term needs (Rainy Day savings)

2. An accumulating pot of Lifetime Savings (or Pension)

3. Significant Interim Goals you wish to achieve along the way (typically called Foreseeable Calls On Capital), such as a new home or University Fees for children or Grandchildren.
Building a Full Financial Life Plan will help you identify what you require along the way and how best to make it a reality; something our dedicated Wealth Planners are adept at.

2. Start growing your Lifetime Savings today

Whether it is opening an ISA, consolidating multiple pension pots from various previous employers, or opening your first Self Invested Person Pension, as an independently-owned Partnership founded on the belief that the benefits of investing should be available to all, we are here to offer the highest standards of expertise and advice.

Having been voted best Advisory and Discretionary Manager by readers of the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle on more than one occasion, with a dedicated Investment Manager or Wealth Planner we help you create a blueprint for action, crafted specifically to meet your retirement needs.

Get expert advice on the right pension plan for you

Whether you require a detailed step-by-step plan or have a simple enduring ambition for retirement, speak with one of our advisers and get advice that can help you realise your goals.

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