Pension Consolidation

Simplifying your pensions in retirement


Financial Planning


By the time you have been working for a decade or two, it is not uncommon to have accumulated multiple pension plans.

As part of our holistic Full Wealth Planning service, we can provide advice on bringing these policies together in one place, ensuring they are managed correctly and in line with your wider objectives.


Our team of Planners can offer advice to those who are serious about growing, protecting, preserving or ultimately drawing on or distributing their wealth, no matter what stage of life they might be at.

 We pride ourselves on our integrated approach of combining our various in-house specialisms, including Investment Management and Financial Planning, to help our clients.

 Access to our award-winning care and expertise will ensure you receive the right advice at the right time and are able to make the most of your assets.


Anyone who is looking for professional, unbiased advice about the merits of consolidating their existing pension pots to simplify and maximise their retirement benefits, and achieve their retirement ambitions.

Our Charges

Our Planning fees are percentage-based and apply to all assets advised upon on an ongoing basis. This ties in with our Investment Management fees to ensure complete transparency.


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To find out more about how we could help you with your pension consolidation, please contact your nearest branch or our Head Office at [email protected] on 020 7337 0777.


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