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Impartial Inheritance Tax Planning advice offered by our team of Wealth Planners.


Our team of financial advisors are able to offer advice to those who are serious about growing, protecting, preserving or ultimately distributing their wealth, no matter what stage of life you might be at. x

Combined with a dedicated Investment Manager, access to our award-winning care and expertise will ensure that you remain on course to meet your financial ambitions, whatever, or for whomever they may be.


From a detailed financial blueprint, to a focussed piece of financial planning advice, our advisors will ensure you receive the correct advice in any situation to ensure you make the most from your investments.
It all starts with the drawing up of a Will. It’s a simple but vital financial planning procedure that our Will Writing specialist can help you with.
Statistics suggest that up to 70% of adults die without a Will and by having one in place, all aspects of the administration of the estate can be eased at what can be a difficult time for the family. Costs can be modest and the whole process is straightforward and easy to navigate. We also act as executor where appointed to do so in a client’s will, offering impartiality as well as our wealth of experience in this field.
We can also help you to work out if your family is adequately protected in the event of your death and advise on the mitigation of Inheritance Tax (IHT) and the establishment of trusts.

Our Charges

Killik & Co offer a fee based financial planning service. We operate on a fixed fee basis, which is agreed on a case by case basis so that you are clear from the outset.

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