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Our Personal Taxation Service covers everything from reviewing personal tax affairs, to the preparation, completion and submission of annual tax returns and repayment forms.
Our specialist team have decades of experience in dealing directly with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and their associated complexities.
We are able to liaise directly with HMRC via a dedicated agent’s line, meaning our queries are dealt with far more quickly than personal enquiries.
Our tax services are suitable for any UK individual, employed or retired, who is either unable to deal with, or would simply prefer not to deal with, the administration of their tax affairs; trustees of UK trusts and executors of UK estates who need assistance with the trust’s or the estate’s tax obligations.

The Service

Many taxpayers are unable to complete their own tax returns, either because they find the forms too daunting or because they simply don’t have the time. Others are unable to calculate the amount of tax due but have missed the deadline for HMRC to calculate this on their behalf. There are also individuals who simply don’t realise they have an obligation to report income and/or gains to HMRC.
The latest figures show that almost 10% of taxpayers file their tax returns late, often resulting in penalties and even accruing interest on the amounts due.
Killik & Co’s personal taxation service includes the following:

* Reviewing a client’s tax affairs, preparation of an annual tax return or repayment claim form.
* Submission of forms to HMRC.
* Observing and complying with HMRC’s deadlines.
* Dealing with all correspondence, including statements of account received from HMRC.
* Preparation of tax returns for trusts and the estates of deceased individuals.
* Payments of tax from the Killik & Co account (optional).

In most cases, we file tax returns on behalf of our clients electronically which is fast, efficient and secure.  Within moments of filing a return, we will have confirmation that is has been received.  Filing returns electronically also helps ensure that refunds are processed as quickly as possible.

What you need to know

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