Passion, purpose and partnership: running a business with the ones you love

House of Killik Soho | Thursday 25th January

House of Killik Soho is a seven-day series of inspiring conversations and workshops. From discussions about modern business and the challenges of ever-evolving marketplaces with founders and business leaders, to urban gardening workshops and wellness sessions. A week-long event to inspire you to identify the life you want to lead.

Running a business with someone you love

On Thursday evening we were lucky enough to be joined by some of Londons most exciting young entrepreneurs to discuss what it is really like running a business with a loved one or a best friend. Founders of TART London, Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones, Sebastian and Brogan Cox, the husband and wife team behind London furniture and design studio, Sebastian Cox, and founder of Petalon Flowers, Florence Kennedy.

“The whole thing started by mistake really” says Jemima of TART “but we were so lucky because we both love what we do – all we ever do is chat each other’s heads off about new recipes.”

“For us to talk about work over a brunch at the weekend is ideal, not a chore”

“For us to talk about work over a brunch at the weekend is ideal, not a chore” adds Lucy.

“My business had already been running for a few years” says Sebastian “but Brogan’s expertise was branding and marketing, which was definitely a gap in my skillset.”

“I’m also nosey and wanted to be included” added Brogan.

“James set his business up before me” explains Florence “and watching him follow his dream was really contagious. It also helped that my setup costs were minimal; a laptop and trailer for the bike -which I built – was all I really needed.”

“If your objective is to do a job you love and you live for” says Sebastian “then you don’t have the luxury of just putting it down. Why would you want to?”

“of course things can get difficult at times”  says Lucy “but that’s one of the great things about a partnership and working with a loved one or best friends, you’re in it together”

“Exactly” agrees Florence “it’s such a cliché but James and I really balance each other out.”

“People always ask ‘how do you work with your wife?’” says Sebastian “but honestly, it’s so much better. I love it”

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