Killik Explains

with Tim Bennett

To save or to invest
Why buy shares?
The awesome power of compounding
What is an IPO?
The pros and cons of property
Fixed Income Securities - basic features
What do banks do?
What is a price earnings (P/E) ratio?
What do brokers do?
Why dividends matter
Fixed Income Securities - rewards and risks
Five problems with p/e ratios
What is a dividend yield?
What do stock exchanges do?
What are share buybacks?
What are carry trades
Why contrarian investors are rare
How debt affects equity returns
How fixed costs affect equity returns
What is EBITDA?
Which profit figure can you trust?
How gearing can change fund returns
What are open and closed ended funds?
What are ETFs all about?
What makes hedge funds different?
Balance Sheet Basics
Three Balance Sheet Red Flags
Investing Red Flags - Acquistions
Investing Red Flags - Revenue Recognition
Investing Red Flags - A Cash Flow Crisis
How to buy shares
Three risks every stock market investor should understand
Duration - the word every bond investor should understand
Five red flags for fund investors
Understanding Volatility - What is Beta?
Understanding volatility : What is the Vix?
NAV - Three key letters for fund investors
Understanding Volatility - what is standard deviation
What is free cash flow yield?
Income Investors : Five safety checks
Investing Red Flags - A Working Capital Crisis
What is the FTSE 100?
How to spot a cheap share - the PEG ratio
How to spot a cheap share - the price to sales ratio
Is return on equity the ultimate ratio?
Why you need a will
Why and how to save
What is inflation and why does it matter?
Which average can you trust?
How to read a chart - an introduction
How to read a chart - bars and candlesticks
How to read a chart - Golden and Death Crosses
What is Stamp Duty
Bond Market Red Flags - yield spreads
How to invest - tips from the experts
Fixed Income basics - the yield curve
Fixed Income Basics - convertible bonds
Three common investing mistakes
An ISA or a SIPP?
The role of the Bank of England
What are derivatives?
How to avoid buying high and selling low
The looming retirement crisis
How CFDs can help you when markets dip
How put options can help if markets dip
How to give children a financial head start
Three ways investors are fooled by their brains
How call options could boost your investment income
Three tips for lazy investors
Should you copy a company's directors?
Is there a "magic formula" for stock market success?
Six ways you can invest like Warren Buffet
EV / EBITDA - investing's "Marmite" number
How to boost your financial fitness – Part One
How to boost your financial fitness – Part Two
How Alpha can help you pick funds
Gold - an investment or a gamble?
Three tips for income investors
Why the oil price is so volatile
The Pros and Cons of Pension Consolidation
How to value a firm - the basics
Why passive investing isn't perfect
Five questions that every investor should ask
When to buy or sell shares (using the RSI)
How to manage liquidity risk as an investor
How baby boomers can help boomerangers
Liquidity: a short guide to a vital word
Property or shares? - Part One
Property or shares? - Part Two
Money Laundering - How the world's biggest financial crime affects you
The golden rule of stock market investing
My biggest investing errors - and what they taught me
Insider dealing - a crime not a perk
What’s in the financial pages? - Part Two
What’s in the financial pages? - Part One
Why markets fret about US Non-Farm Payrolls
Why equity investors should follow the cash
Three simple suggestions for savers
Why time out of the equity markets can be costly
How to set personal financial goals
Why equity markets are so unpredictable
Why Buy-to-Let is only for the brave
Why negative interest rates are a non-event for most investors
Why shares bounce back
How to deal with foreign currency risk (part one)
The pros and cons of peer to peer investing
The rule of 72: small sums can make a big difference
Starter Series : What is money?
Why LIBOR is making new headlines
Probability : why premium bonds may not pay off
Three signs that a profit number is suspect
Why investors shouldn't dismiss the deficit
Big dividends : good or bad news?
Bond fund or bond portfolio
How bad news for banks could be good for investors
How spread betting works
What a weaker pound means for investors
Brexit and the City : three threats
Why commerical property funds are in the news
What share buybacks can tell investors
Why sky-high bond prices have kept on rising
2016's puzzle : rising bond and share prices
Why hedge funds are having a hard time
Why investors shouldn't confuse risk and volatility
Watch out for company pension black holes
How to weigh up a fund using the Sharpe Ratio
Share portfolio vs. funds: a quick comparison
Is another "Minsky Moment" looming?
Pension freedom - three risks
ISAs: a short guide
Understanding market cycles and the importance of diversification
Lifetime Saving - the risks
Why investors must diversify
Why an ISA is a no-brainer for investors
A short guide to personal pensions (SIPPs)
Starter Series : Why save?
Starter Series : Saving from the short to medium term
Starter Series : Longer Term Saving
Starter Series : The difference between income and capital
Starter Series : Dealing with debt
Starter Series : What is a mortgage
Starter Series : How do interest rates work
Starter Series : What are bonds
Starter Series : What are shares
Starter Series : What are shares
Starter Series : What are funds
Starter Series : Tax essentials
Starter Series : 3 ways to reduce your tax bill
Starter Series : What are pensions
Starter Series : Five top tips for savers and investors
Can your home also be your pension?
Simple access to smart ideas: a Factor Investing snapshot
3 ways savers can help their children
The multiple expansion trap for equity investors
How to insure yourself against the FTSE falling
The true cost of returning to work
Five vital words for dividend investors
How useful are Enterprise Investment Schemes?
How to buy insurance against the FTSE falling
Financial planning in four words
Lump sum versus drip-feed investing
How Trusts Can Help to Protect Your Family Assets
The best way to invest