The old adage ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ was not entirely accurate. Let us explain.

When you save and invest in a Killik & Co ISA, you are giving your money the opportunity to grow in a tax-free environment. This means that any gains you might accrue, are 100% yours to do with as you wish.

For example, enjoying lunch at ‘no’ expense; the money spent on a three-course feast at The Hand & Flowers, could potentially be gained five times over* this year alone, simply by holding your investments in an ISA.


And here is how that works:

If you were to invest the full ISA allowance of £20,000 this tax year, and those investments grew at 4%, you would make a total of £800. A higher-rate tax payer could expect to lose around 20% of that to Capital Gains tax were it invested in a General Investment Account.

However, simply by holding your investments within an ISA, you retain all of that growth – approximately £160 – or the equivalent of five set-lunches at Tom Kerridge’s Michelin-starred Marlowe pub.

And there you have it: there is such a thing as a ‘free lunch’, and it’s spelt ISA.


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Other Inspirational Experiences Spelt 'ISA'

Below we have provided some examples of other ‘free lunches’ you could potentially enjoy as a result of investing tax-efficiently in a Killik & Co ISA, depending on how much you are able to save and invest each year. These amounts assume your money grows at 4%.

Amount invested in your ISA

Approx amount of tax saved in an ISA

Your ‘free lunch’ alternatives

£6,000 (£500/month)


A family ticket to Kew Gardens or a Windsor & Newton Watercolour Painting Set

£10,000 (£834/month)


A Sophie Conran breakfast set

£20,000 (£1,667/month)


A Nehru waistcoat from SirPlus or a romantic night stay at one of the Pig Hotels

We can manage your ISA investments on your behalf, or provide you with the market expertise and counsel to allow you to manage them independently.

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How To Save and Invest Tax Efficiently

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