Investing for an Income in Retirement

Timeless expertise, modern execution

No matter what our background or personal circumstances, the desire to enjoy life after work, feeling comfortable and secure, is an ambition that unites us all.

Building your lifetime savings in order to get to retirement is one thing; managing them in the most effective way to meet your needs once you get there, is another.

Investing can be a highly effective way of continuing to make the most of your Lifetime Savings, whilst Investing for Income specifically, can be a valuable source of regular income to those in retirement.

How should I plan my finances in order to meet my needs in retirement?

With life expectancy continually increasing and the ability to rely on either the State or Final Salary Pension Schemes significantly decreasing, whatever your appetite and level of financial expertise, being in possession of a clear, manageable and effective plan for your retirement income is vital.
Whether your ambition is simply to ensure a regular amount of income to meet your expenditure each year, or contains deeper intricacies for both you and your family, ensure that you are, first and foremost, working with a dedicated adviser that is fully aware of both your ambitions and circumstances. Should you wish to read more about our Planning For Retirement Service you can do so here.

How should I manage my investments to meet my ambitions?

Once your ambitions are clear, discerning quality investments and identifying how to make the most of the assets at your disposal can make a sizable difference to both the outcomes you achieve and the experience you have in getting there.

From our inception nearly 30 years ago we have always believed that access to market expertise and provision of impartial counsel is imperative in order to help individual investors meet their ambitions.

With a dedicated Killik & Co Investment Manager for every client, this philosophy and understanding is underpinned by an independence which allows us to offer our clients access to the full universe of investments (rather than just our own services). Similarly, we are able to act on our clients’ behalf as they would for themselves, were they armed with our decades of knowledge and experience

As a result, we offer a number of ways we can help clients looking to investment for income, which includes: