UK Growth (Focused) Equity Service


A managed investment service that invests in UK-quoted smaller companies. A portfolio would usually hold at least ten investments, which will generally be members of the Alternative Investment Market or the FTSE Smaller Companies/Fledgling indices.


As an independently owned investment house, we are free to develop investment ideas and strategies internally without conflict of interest, giving us access to the best listed and unlisted business opportunities.
Our in-house analysts specialise in research into smaller companies and aim to identify businesses capable of longer-term growth in both earnings and value. There is an emphasis on attempting to create original insights, which may not be reflected in the prevailing stock market consensus.

Each client of our UK Growth (Focused) Equity Service will have a segregated portfolio of shares, offering complete transparency of the individual investments, which can be held directly or within a Killik & Co ISA or Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).


This service may be of interest for those prepared to take a higher degree of risk, looking for a long-term investment into smaller companies in the pursuit of higher returns.

The Potential Benefits

Companies will be selected on the basis of their potential for growth over the longer-term. Investing in smaller companies and those listed on AIM can give exposure to a range of sectors, including health care, media, technology, retail and financial services.
Many UK-listed and AIM companies have exposure to overseas markets as well as the UK, so portfolios are not limited to domestic exposure.

Investment Process

Our investment process is based upon Killik & Co’s independent in-house research, into AIM and fully listed smaller companies. Our experts seek to identify, at an early stage, businesses capable of longer-term growth in earnings and value, with an emphasis on attempting to create original insight which may not be reflected in the prevailing stock market consensus.
Investment research is biased toward an understanding of the fundamentals that support successful longer term returns, including strength of management, the business’ cash flow profile and balance sheet structure. Our valuation judgements are based upon a growth at a reasonable price methodology.

Risks To Be Aware Of

Investments in smaller companies, whether quoted or unquoted, carry a higher degree of risk than investing in more liquid shares of larger companies. Smaller company and AIM investments are generally more volatile in price than larger company shares and may be impossible to sell at a time of your own choosing. It is for these reasons we generally recommend that any investments in the service form only part of your overall investment strategy.
As is the very nature of investing, the value of your investments will rise and fall overtime. Please do not assume that past performance will repeat itself and you must be comfortable in the knowledge that you may receive less than you originally invested.

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