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Our Currency Service provides highly competitive exchange rates when transferring money to or from overseas bank accounts. We are also able to help clients manage currency risk.


We offer accounts for both private individuals as well as corporates, with a minimum transaction size of £250 and no maximum transaction size.
We can transact in over 60 currency pairs worldwide, offering some of the best rates available in the market.
Killik Currency does not charge a fee for the transfer of funds to your bank account and where possible, Killik Currency will absorb any correspondent bank and beneficiary bank charges on clients behalf.


Our Currency Service is suitable for any private individual or corporate, who would benefit from highly competitive exchange rates. It is also suitable for clients who are looking to protect themselves from currency market fluctuations.

The Service

For many clients, private or corporate, large or small, currency transfers can be very expensive. Many participants, including banks, FX brokers and some of our peers, make a substantial margin on the exchange rates they offer their clients. We would rather provide our clients with a fairer deal, which is why our rates are some of the best in the market. We are confident that we can save our clients significant sums of money that, depending on the size of the transaction, can run into the hundreds or thousands of pounds.
We can make currency payments to overseas bank accounts held in your name or make payments to a third party on your behalf. Our services cover one-off transactions such as house purchases and sales, as well as catering for regular payments such as mortgage, pension, salary and school fee payments.
We can transact in over 60 currency pairs which means that our clients are not limited to GBP / EUR / USD but can also transact in many other currencies including South African Rand (ZAR), Thai baht (THB) and Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).
In addition to currency exchange, we recognise that adverse movements in exchange rates can have profound effects on both individuals and businesses. We are able to discuss and advise on suitable methods in which they can reduce currency risk.

What you need to know

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What to expect

Arranging a transfer is easy and the process is the same irrespective of transaction size. All that we require is an instruction from you that can be taken over the telephone directly with the currency desk, or via your Investment Manager, and details of where you would like the transfer to be paid. We are usually able to make payments the same day.
Killik Currency does not charge a fee for the transfer of funds whereas a bank would levy a charge of £25 to £40. Also, where possible, Killik Currency will absorb any correspondent bank and beneficiary bank charges on behalf of clients.

Third party provider

For the purposes of this service we use a preferred third party provider to facilitate the execution of trades and provide the transmission of payments. You will become a client of the third party for the purpose of execution and payment transmission only, all of your contact, as well as for the purposes of advice, will be through Killik & Co. Our chosen third party provider is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Risks To Be Aware Of

Hedging products can carry differing levels of risk and not all products will be suitable for everyone. If you are thinking of using these to manage your currency risk, please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Get in touch

To find out more about our Currency Services, please contact your nearest branch or our Head Office on [email protected] or 020 7337 0777.