Global Large Cap Equity Service

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A managed service that combines our strategic, thematic investment process and the specialist expertise of our in-house analysts, to create a global portfolio of our highest conviction equity ideas. Each portfolio is built around a number of core investment ideas which we consider to offer exceptional risk adjusted returns. Typically this is achieved with around 30 market leading companies with market capitalisations typically above $10bn. In essence, the service aims to find equities with a uniqueness that limits risk, coupled with a high degree of conviction in the investment case.


As an independently-owned investment house we are free to develop investment ideas and strategies internally without any conflicts of interest. This not only gives us access to the best investments in the marketplace, but allows you the confidence that you will receive a personal investment strategy, built around your needs and in line with your personal circumstances.


Our Global Large Cap Equity Service is for clients who want a managed investment strategy tailored to meet their financial ambitions. This portfolio is for anyone who would like access to a truly global portfolio of directly held equities, backed by our rigorous analysis of long term themes and trends

The Service

Led by your dedicated Investment Manager and drawing on the expertise of our team of in-house specialists, the Global Large Cap Equity Service is constructed around a number of core investment ideas which we consider to offer the potential for exceptional risk adjusted returns. Driven by our wider thematic investment process, we look to invest into high quality companies at an attractive price that are set to benefit from long term market trends and themes, irrespective of where they might be listed. The service aims to achieve diversification whilst still maintaining exposure to these global themes by holding around 30 equities, over a three to five year period.

You can be assured of complete transparency over the individual investments held within your portfolio, and in addition to being continuously monitored and regularly reviewed, we will always make you aware of the reasons behind any decision made via our App and Client Portal.

Investment Process

We are truly unbiased in our outlook: with no external parent, public shareholders or hidden conflicts of interest, this allows us to focus solely on our clients best interests. We think long term; we are not traders or short-term thinkers and recognise that a global economy demands a global investment approach.
Our meticulous and independent research takes a long term, global and thematic approach to gain a deeper understanding of exactly why and how the world is changing. By taking these important themes of tomorrow and combining them with selections that help manage unpredictable market forces, we are able to construct a well-diversified, genuinely global portfolio, which remains in line with your objectives at all times.

Risks To Be Aware Of

As is the very nature of investing, the value of your investments will rise and fall overtime. We devote our time to sourcing the very best investments to meet your objectives, however please do not assume that past performance will repeat itself and you must be comfortable in the knowledge that you may receive less than you originally invested. A significant proportion of the underlying investments within this service will be to equity securities that are not denominated in sterling, leading to fluctuations in the portfolio value due to exchange rate movements.

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