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For clients looking to take a more focused approach, our Managed Investment Service delivers a unique portfolio that makes the most of both our unbiased outlook and the specialist expertise of our in-house Analysts. Combining our breadth of experience and depth of knowledge, this service allows us to create a strategy to meet your ambitions, whatever the investment climate. This service is built around you, blending the most appropriate selection of direct equities, bonds and funds, to pursue the returns you require in a sustainable way.


There is no one size fits all approach and with this service you receive an entirely personal investment strategy that can adapt and evolve as you need it to. Led by your dedicated Investment Manager, they will identify the most appropriate asset classes and tax-efficient allocation to meet your needs. This will include drawing upon different specialists from across our in-house teams, who will be entrusted to run dedicated sections of your portfolio in their specific areas of expertise.


This bespoke approach enables us to have oversight of each moving part, allowing us to accommodate your individual preferences in the mix. You can be assured of complete transparency over the types and number of investments within your portfolio and the way in which we believe that they will interact as a group through different market conditions and scenarios. It will be continuously monitored and regularly reviewed, and you will always be informed of the reasoning behind each decision made via our App and Client Portal.


One of the most important differences about working with Killik & Co is an ongoing commitment to maintaining our unbiased outlook and execution, steering clear of running our own unitised investment funds or corporate finance departments, ensuring no conflicts of interest. This objective outlook combined with our expertise, allows you to be confident in both the knowledge of their subject area and their total impartiality in selecting the very best investments across the globe.

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