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For anyone looking for a traditional stockbroking service or an advisor with whom you can discuss your portfolio, we remain one of the last investment houses committed to offering real investment advice. It is not just for seasoned investors and is perfect for anyone looking to gain experience and confidence in managing their own portfolio.
  • Remain in complete control over all decisions made on your portfolio,
  • Benefit from your dedicated Investment Manager’s expertise in both stock selection and portfolio construction
  • Interact in person via our branch network or over the telephone and view your account 24/7 via our client portal and app
  • Draw upon our independent research and market insights and access global markets across multiple asset classes.

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Founded in 1989 as an Advisory Stockbroker, our heritage and expertise stems from our knowledge of the stock market and our ability to help our clients build the right investment strategies. We offer superior and efficient market access across all asset classes and are also able to offer our services in a number of major foreign currencies.


In order to provide appropriate advice we are required to keep abreast of your experience and knowledge, your wider circumstances and portfolio. We will work in partnership with you to advise you on the construction of your investments and the role of each investment in meeting your objectives. This includes annual portfolio reviews. Each time advice is sought you will receive a summary that outlines the advice that was given and what was agreed.


In addition to the advice of your dedicated Investment Manager, you are able to make the most of our in-house research. Via email, our App and Client Portal you have complete access to our investment research, which is frequently referred to in the national press and includes our ‘Daily Note’. Many of our Advised clients also refer to our educational video series ‘Killik Explains’, which covers a broad range of topical investment issues, alongside our weekly summary of the markets: ‘Market Update’.

Stockbroking Service

With our commitment to advisory clients, we also offer a traditional Stockbroking Service that provides advice on a single stock basis only. Because this service does not cover advice on portfolio construction or tax efficient allocations, it requires clients to be confident in managing their own portfolio. As such it is only available to market professionals or those who have a high level of prior experience.
Contact us on +44 (0) 20 7337 0777 or send us an email at [email protected] to find out more about our Advised Investment Service and Stockbroking Service.