How to Save and Invest - My 5 new guides

By: Tim Bennett
Need a jargon-buster as you build your savings and investments? Tim Bennett reveals his new Killik Explains Guides, designed to offer a helping-hand through all of the key decisions you will face.
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How to save and invest – my five new Guides

I am pleased to be able to share my five new Killik Explains Guides, covering a broad range of topics and addressing some of the key concerns that we all face at different stages in our financial lives. They are written in a jargon-free style that should suit both newcomers and anyone looking for an easy-to-read refresher on specific topics. If you would like a copy of any of these educational Guides, they are free and can be requested using the address given at the end of this introduction.

Why we save and invest

First off a quick reminder about how we see saving. Far from being something that we should fear, postpone or even ignore, saving and investing are the means to achieve our life goals. These can be summarised as follows;
From here, we can divide a lifetime savings strategy into three components that will be very familiar to regular Killik Explains video viewers;

The three core components of your long-term plan are;

·         A rainy day fund of 3-6 months’ income set aside to cover emergencies

·         A lifetimes savings pot which will hopefully fund retirement, care costs and perhaps inheritances for other members of the family

·         Specific milestones-based amounts that are kept in relatively liquid form to fund foreseeable obligations that may fall within the next 5-10 years

In is in this context that I have written our Guides which are designed to follow this outline. Here are the titles below. Since equities form such an important component of a long-term investing strategy, they get a Guide all to themselves. I have also produced a separate Guide for those who are new to tax which introduces all of the key concepts for savers.

What follows is a very quick summary of the key contents.

How to find out more

These Guides are available individually or as a complete set. You can chose between hard copies and electronic PDF versions.
You should note that these Guides are designed and written to provide educational guidance only. For tailored, or more specific product, advice you should contact an Investment Manager or Wealth Planner.