Facing the "Elephant in the Room"

If the thought of having an open discussion with your family about money fills you with dread, you are not alone. Plenty of households up and down the country feel the same, which is why it’s often described as ‘the elephant in the room’. But how often do we hear that “communication is key” and “a problem shared is a problem halved”?  Why then shouldn’t the same theories apply when it comes to talking about wealth?

We have put together 50 questions to prompt an honest conversation about just that. Questions like ‘Should the children move out or the parents?’ ‘How do you want to be remembered?’ ‘How will your children spend their inheritance?’ These questions are designed to break taboos that surround subjects like our legacy, homelife, work, leisure and the people we love – opening tricky conversations that will help the people closest to us plan for the future with confidence. So have a go, lay your cards on the table and banish the elephant from the room.

Head of Wealth Planning, Svenja Keller “I understand that people find it difficult to start a conversation about wealth with their family but actually, these conversations can be very inspiring and enlightening. You will find out a lot about your family member’s goals and aspirations in life and what their attitude to money is. My advice would be – have the courage to talk and see where it takes you and your family.”

If your family conversations reveal areas where expert advice might help, we would love your next conversation to be with us. No matter where you might be on your individual journey or whatever the question keeping you up at night, we can help you achieve your financial ambitions for both you and your family.