Our approach to Thematic Investing

We believe that taking a thematic approach to investing is the most sustainable way to ensure our clients’ portfolios are optimised for growth over the long term.

While trends come and go, and rapidly growing companies may look like attractive investments, experience has taught us that a short-term approach to choosing where to invest rarely pays off.

Instead, we employ a combination of top-down thinking and bottom-up analysis, in identifying stocks that we believe will benefit from long-term secular growth. This includes consideration of which sectors and companies might benefit from these themes, before carrying out extensive bottom-up research on these businesses including assessments of their financial strength, their competitive position, the quality of their management and the valuation of the shares.

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What is Thematic Investing?

Thematic Investing is the process of identifying long-term economic, corporate, social and technological themes that act as a tailwind for businesses and sectors of the economy.

There are four megatrends that underpin the investment decisions we make, helping us to identify the businesses best positioned for growth through the lens of Thematic Investing.

The aim is to invest in the future today, by selecting those businesses best able to take advantage of this long-term secular growth.

Please do remember that as with all investments, your capital is at risk.

What benefits does Thematic Investing offer?

Thematic Investing offers significant benefits over strategies that rely solely on investing in companies that have historically performed well. As the last few years have shown us, even the most established company or industry can be affected by poor economic performance, so it is critical to construct a portfolio that can take advantage of both existing and emerging opportunities.

One of the main benefits of Thematic Investing is providing a well-diversified portfolio across different industries and sectors, which is optimised to manage investment risk and experience long-term growth. Our approach also offers several significant benefits for individual investors.

Purpose-driven portfolios​​

Whether your preference is for sustainability, established or emerging markets, or you have a favourite instrument, we can tailor a portfolio to suit.

All the due diligence is done

We prioritise finding the opportunities that are best positioned for long-term growth through independent research and rigorous analysis.

Transparency and visibility

We assign a dedicated Adviser who can advise exactly where your money is invested and what proportion of your portfolio it makes up.

Thematic Investing provides greater control and visibility over where you are investing – to help you align your actions with your purpose and take advantage of opportunities to see your wealth grow at the same time.

Unlock the Power of Thematic Investing

Download our new Thematic Investing guide to tap into the trends, industries and companies shaping the future.

Find out why Technological Advancement is one of our megatrends and learn which companies we are investing in that align with this trend.