A managed portfolio of directly held bonds, aimed at providing a predictable level of income

Constructed and run for you by a dedicated Fixed Income team

Our UK Fixed Income Service

Unlike a Bond Fund, our Fixed Income service allows you to maintain complete visibility over each and every bond in your portfolio.  Furthermore, you maintain visibility over both the timing and amounts of any coupon or principle repayments,with the ability to pay out any income on a smoothed basis directly to your bank account. 

Designed for those seeking an income in excess of that of a bank or building society account and who are prepared to take some additional risk in order to achieve this.  It may also appeal to those looking to diversify a larger portfolio comprising other asset classes, such as equities. We guide clients towards a £30,000 minimum investment.  Find more information about the UK Fixed Income service here. 

Our Gilt Saver Service

Our Gilt Saver Service is a managed portfolio of directly held bonds that aims to provide a predictable level of income while maintaining a low volatility of capital.

The Fixed Income team actively manage investments primarily in: short-dated UK government bond (gilts), UK government treasury bills (t-bills), sterling denominated short-dated supranational bonds, and short-date bonds issued by government guaranteed organisations.

Designed for investors seeking a reliable income similar or better than that available from bank savings accounts and fixed term deposits. They suit investors requiring easy access to their funds with a short time horizon or a specific foreseeable call on capital. And benefit from the ability to maximise absolute returns (or post tax returns for higher rate tax payer).


Benefits of investing with Killik & Co.

We are an independently owned and managed partnership, with access to the whole market, offering independent research and no conflict of interest.

We work with you to identify the most suitable solutions for your needs, shaping your unique investment strategy around your appetite for risk and desired financial returns.

A trusted Partner for more than 30 years.

We offer a range of services and investment options to suit experienced investors and those just starting out. 

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients, with a history of  award-winning service and ‘highest rated’ when compared externally with peers in client experience benchmarking

(Source: AON Client Engagement Survey 2020.  KPI: Relationship Manager Satisfaction 9.1 for Killik & Co versus 8.6 Industry Benchmark).

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Please do remember that as with all investments, your capital is at risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future.

Independently owned, with a global, thematic approach.

Taking a global, thematic approach to investing; we seek to understand why and how the world is changing and the sectors and businesses that are most likely to be impacted.  These insights instruct our investment selection as we build diverse portfolios, constructed to perform through economic cycles.

We believe the best way to deliver long term performance is to invest with a long term mindset, identifying quality, growth companies.

Managed or Advised, a service to fit your needs.

Whether you choose to delegate management of your investments or simply seek advice, we will provide a primary point of contact and access to a wide range of Specialist Investment and Wealth Planning Services and Tax and Trust expertise.

Select from either our Managed or Advised services depending on your experience, time and requirements.

We also offer a saving and investing app, for those looking to start out by investing smaller amounts.

A transparent approach to fees.

We have built our services to provide exceptional value and flexibility, delivered at a transparent fee. With a range of services, thresholds and scales, we always ensure that prospective clients have full transparency on all fees and the benefits that these unlock.  

For more information on individual service fees please contact us for an illustration.

Dedicated Investment Manager and online access.

We will provide a dedicated Investment Manager who will work with you to agree your unique investment strategy, personalise recommendations and provide regular reviews.   

You can also review your investments securely online or in-app using our client portal, MyKillik.

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