Burns Night Ode to Whisky

House of Killik Soho | Friday 26th January

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An Evening of Whisky Tasting

With 2016 recording whisky exports at their strongest in three years, 18 new distilleries opening in Scotland last year compared with a total of 20 new distilleries over a period of 15 years before that, and a regular stream of celebrity indorsed whisky brands such as Haig or 808 hitting the shelves; there is no denying that whisky is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance.
On Friday evening, the night after Burns night, we were lucky enough to be joined by two businesses who are both helping to redefine the whisky drinker stereotype in their own ways. Martyn ‘Simo’ Simpson, the owner of Londons oldest Whisky shop, Milroys, and Jolyon Dunn, his colleague joined Jonny Fowle, founder of Wandering Whiskey to host a whiskey tasting and informal conversation about the spirits resurgence. During the evening we were lucky enough to sample three amazing whisky’s whilst they shared their insight on what to look for, and help dispel some of those myths.
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