What Makes Killik & Co Different

Our Independence

It is often the simplest solutions that require the most discipline, and nothing could be truer when it comes to the way we work with you. The Killik & Co approach takes into account three key elements, translated through years of professional expertise and understanding.

This philosophy and understanding is underpinned by an independence which allows us to act on our clients’ behalf as they would for themselves, were they armed with our decades of knowledge and experience.

By consciously avoiding certain areas of related business, such as corporate finance or running our own unitised investment funds, we are able to remain free from the conflicts of interest and short-term pressures seldom talked about by our industry, and yet so often pervaded.

We have carefully cultivated Killik & Co to remain completely impartial and offer truly equitable counsel, whatever your circumstance, for true peace of mind about your financial life.

Bespoke Advice Tailored To Your Ambitions

Everything begins with determining where it is you are and how we can help you to take control of your financial future.

Often what we think we’re looking for and what we actually need to make the most of our financial lives can differ, so our approach is always to start with the end goal in mind. We take the time to ask the right questions and to discover more.

Whether it is about you and your family, about your wider personal and financial circumstances, or your attitude to money; all of this allows us to better understand what you want to achieve and to identify how to get there. Whether you require a detailed step by step plan, or have a simple enduring ambition, we will ensure you have all of the tools at your disposal to achieve them.

Your Investment Plan & Portfolio

What follows is a blueprint for action, crafted specifically to meet your needs.

By combining an understanding of your circumstances with our investment process we are able to construct a
portfolio from this that is aligned to what you want to achieve. We are able to access investments across all major asset classes and trade on over 30 markets worldwide. Where there is a need, we are also able to offer our services in a number of major foreign currencies.

As a client, all this ultimately means that we have all of the tools and expertise under one roof, to help you make the most of your investments. The way your portfolio is constructed and the way it is then managed is as important as the individual ideas within it. Making sure we are disciplined in sticking to your plan and updating it as your circumstances change is vital over the life of your investments.

Investment expertise is the foundation upon which Killik & Co is built and as such, is the lifeblood and passion of our dedicated and talented team.

For anyone new to investing, we look beyond reporting figures alone, and liken it to a lens with which to view the world. Everyone is an investor, whether consciously or not. The brands you buy, the businesses that you choose to interact with are indicators of how you view the world.

Our meticulous research takes a global and thematic approach to investing, to gain a deeper understanding of exactly why and how the world is changing. These insights allow us to identify the businesses and sectors that are most likely to benefit positively from change in the long-term and ensure that our clients capitalise on the evolution around them. Our collective experience instills an old fashioned sense of what represents good value.

By taking these important themes of tomorrow and combining them with selections that help manage unpredictable market forces, we are able to construct a well-diversified, global portfolio, which remains in line with your objectives at all times. We would remind clients that as is the very nature of investing, the values of these investments will fluctuate over time,and will of course carry a risk to your capital. This is precisely why investing in the context of a larger contextual plan for one’s financial life is critical to our approach.