On the 30th January 1989, in what was an old Pharmacy on Cadogan Street in Chelsea, we opened the doors of our first branch.

With nothing more than a handful of close friends and family to call our clients, we set out with a simple enduring belief, that we would make the benefits of investing available to all.

30 years later and whilst much has changed, we are proud to admit that the heart of our philosophy and practice has remained the same. Having been voted Wealth Manager of the Year on more than one occasion by both our clients, and the readers of the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle we are proven to deliver the highest standards of professional and impartial advice to our clients, helping them to achieve financial peace of mind, whatever their circumstances.

As a business we have made a point of growing organically and with care, never looking to mergers or acquisitions as a quick source of growth, but instead cultivating our relationships and building talent from within. That way we can be sure not only our staff, but all of our clients also share our core values.

We hope that these website pages will offer you a little more information about what it is we offer and what you can expect as a client of Killik & Co as well as a little history about our journey thus far.

Paul Killik, Founding Partner and SEO

Paul Killik
SEO, Founding Partner