We have been sponsoring the Barbarians UK matches since 2009, with five memorable Killik Cup games having been played since then.

Killik and the Barbarians

The Barbarians have always encapsulated the best of rugby

Passion, spirit and skill, are all traits which are echoed in the way we approach working with our clients.

As an independently owned partnership specialising in savings, planning and investments; dedication, spirit and family remain at the very heart of the our approach, so naturally, sponsoring the Killik Cup has always seemed like the perfect fit.

Watch the video below to see some of the Killik Cup highlights.

3rd November 2016 saw the Barbarians & Springboks go head-to-head in our very own “A Question of Investment” quiz. Just days before the two sides meet for the 6th annual Killik Cup, the competition was always going to fierce! Due to some slightly controversial scoring methods, the end result was a draw, with the winner to be decided on the pitch.