From our story so far, to details about our branches and what makes us different, here you will find everything you need to know about us.

Our Locations

With a total of eight branches across London and one flagship residence, we would simply ask you to contact whichever you feel would be most convenient for you.

Our Services

Whether you require a detailed step by step plan, or a peer who can offer you advice on your investments, we will ensure you have the tools to achieve your financial ambitions.

Our Story

On the 30th January 1989, in what was an old Pharmacy on Cadogan Street in Chelsea, we opened the doors of our first branch. Much and more has changed since then.

What makes Killik & Co different

We look beyond reporting figures alone and instead, liken it to a lens with which to view the world. A global and thematic approach allows us to understand why and how the world is changing.

Our Investment Philosophy

In pursuit of providing the best service to our clients, being unbiased and maintaining complete integrity will forever lie at the heart of how we work.

Awards & Testimonials

We endeavour to deliver the very best service in all that we do, and over the years, we have received an array of awards and feedback recognising our achievements.

Our People

A key aspect of what makes us so unique is our people. Each of our Investment Managers and Wealth Planners share our philosophy, our core values, and are trained by us, in our own distinct style.

Killik Cup

The Barbarians encapsulate the very best of rugby. Passion and skill are traits we both share, so naturally, sponsoring the annual Killik Cup always seemed like the perfect fit.